What Is The Difference Of Interior Design With Interior Decorating?

Oftentimes, people mistake interior design and interior decorating alternately.  The truth though is that they are actually quite different from each other.  Even though both are involved in design elements, it is actually in structure where they differ.  Interior decorating mostly involves only the superficial adoration of a room or area with furniture, covering, fixtures, and other decorative accessories.  The design element for interior decorating mostly involves pieces that go together in a room to make it look better and beautiful.  In essence, interior decorating is considered as the heart in creating beautiful interior aesthetics.

interior-decoratorIf interior decorating is the heart of making the interior aspect of the home beautiful, it is safe to say that interior design is the backbone of the design element.  It is the design structure that gives rise to whatever design you can think of in making an interior look beautiful.  The main difference of interior design though is that it does not comprise of pieces being mixed together to create a theme or decorations for the home.  Instead, interior design involves it being implemented in the overall design structure of a home being constructed.  It is a design element built by home builders as drafted by the architect.

When home builders design and create a home, the interior space is already part of their interior design.  How things are laid out, planned, power and utility layout, materials used, its finish, and even down to the elevation given to it, everything is part of interior design.  In fact, interior design is multi-faceted that it involves technical skills as well as trying to solve seemingly impossible intricacies with construction.  The technical solutions made in interior design can sometimes be unorthodox, but in a way works perfectly and seamlessly.

When you ask an architect to design you a home, although you may have certain inputs that you may want to be incorporated in the overall design of the home, the interior design drafted by your architect will be implemented into fruition by your home builder.  The solutions brought from the design are what make each home quite unique.  Many of the design elements are attractive enough that will make you want to buy the home when you see it.  When you see a home that is attractive even though it does not have any furniture inside it, then that is the magic brought by interior design.